Despite the adversities, God’s overflowing grace and mercy were evident in the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ ( 4th Watch )  Abiko Locale’s  triumphant celebration of  their 7th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving  held last August 16, 2020 at Abiko Locale Church in Chiba Ken Abiko Shi Higashi Abiko, Japan. With the theme, “In All Circumstances, Giving Our Utmost Gratitude to the Most High” taken from 1 Thessalonians 5:18, brethren and guests were truly empowered and inspired to give their highest thanksgiving to God even in the hardest situation.

The service was spearheaded by Sis. Mary Verlyn  Zata as the Master of Ceremonies, while Sis. Shirley Terada led the congregation in filling the sanctuary with joyful hymns and praises unto God. It was then followed by a fervent and earnest opening prayer led by Sis. Thess Lida. Thereafter, the reading of the Holy Scriptures was led by Bro. Angelo Reyes. Afterwards, a song of adoration was lifted up unto God by Abiko Locale Choir.


In the message of giving, Bro. Mannie Zata, Abiko Locale Head Minister emphasized that hardships and sufferings should not hinder us from giving our offerings and thanksgiving to God. Thereafter, all flock members participated in a special rendition of the song “You are God Alone” to give glory and magnify the name of our Lord. Afterwards, a video testimony was presented to give inspiration and challenge to all brethren in giving their thanksgiving to God. Right after was another audio-visual presentation which featured the “Parade of Churches” – a presentation of  local church buildings and schools that were built by the church, and the present temporal ministries .


In the highlight of the event, the message of God was administered by Bro. Mannie Zata. He focused on the theme “In All Circumstances, Giving Our Utmost Gratitude to the Most High”. He stressed that if we love God, we should be able to give even in the midst of our difficulties and sufferings. He also added, “Bakit sa lahat ng bagay tayo ay magpapasalamat sa Dios? Sapagkat ang lahat ng bagay ay mula sa Dios.”


Indeed, God’s eminent presence is always upon His End-Time Church. Undeniably, as the event was a success, the 64 attendees who overcame the odds and hurdles to partake in the event were richly blessed. The brethren were even more encouraged to steadfastly serve God until Christ’s return. To God be all the glory!