Amid the scorching summer heat together with the struggles brought by the global health and economic crisis, the children of God in the prefecture that is well known for its modern architecture, hearty street food and historical landmarks, Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ ( 4th Watch ) Osaka Local , victoriously celebrated its 17th Church Anniversary held at the PMCC 4th Watch Building in Osaka-fu Higashi Osaka-shiTakaidani-shi 1-1-12 last August 9th 2020.  With the theme, “In all Circumstances giving our Utmost Gratitude to the Most High” taken from I Thessalonians  5:18.


This much-awaited celebration was spearheaded by Sis Carol Kawano as she led the attendees in singing praises before starting the Sunday School. Sis Liza Nishimori led the opening prayer. Ptr Jeff Fulo administered the Sunday School message.


The second part of the celebration was the Divine Worship. Sis Rochelle Tirazona, Master of Ceremonies, guided the congregation throughout the first part of this special event. Succeeded by exuberant praise and worship led by the Sis Jazzie Okubo. Ptr Susan Sison, led the Opening Prayer, thereafter, Sis Loanna Granado led the Reading of the Scriptures. It was followed by the announcements delivered by Sis Carol Kawano. Ptr Phil Sison, Osaka Locale Head Minister, warmly greeted everyone in his Welcome Remarks.


Thereafter, a song number from the Cadets’ Department followed. Presbyter Nimfa Barrera, ministered Child Dedication. Sis Jazzie Okubo and Sis Jane Shinya recognized the sponsors afterwards and it was succeeded by a song of praise from the selected Osaka brethren.


Ptr Jeff Fulo, Hamura Locale Head Minister, then delivered the message during Offertory where he underscored the importance of expressing our sincere gratitude to the Lord for all His divine provision and incessant grace. Thereafter, another song of praise to magnify the name of the Lord was rendered by the Osaka brethren. Ptr Phil Sison introduced the Keynote Speaker – Presbyter Nimfa Barrera.


Presbyter Nimfa Barrera, the Guest Speaker and the Head Minister of Nagoya Locale, powerfully ministered the Words of God which encouraged and strengthen the faith of every brethren and visitor who attended this momentous celebration. She emphasized the importance of being steadfast in our faith and service to the Lord despite the many struggles we endure because of the pandemic. The celebration continued through the raffle ticket draw.


Truly this eventful celebration was a vivid indication of God’s unfailing mercy and mighty provision towards His chosen people. To God Be All the Glory!