The International Missionary Day is one of the much waited gatherings of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ brethren all over the globe. Last January 26th, 2020, the churches in the Eastern Japan District gathered in Tokyo Locale Church to celebrate and commemorate the life, ministry, and leadership of the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol. With the theme “The Urgency of the Mission through the Command of the Goodman of the House” derived from John 9:4, brethren and visitors from Gunma, Hamura, Saitama, Kawasaki, Abiko, Chiba, and Tokyo locale churches took part in this eventful gathering.

The celebration commenced with an Opening Video Presentation featuring the highlights of the International Missionary Day 2020 held simultaneously in the Philippines recently.

It was followed by the Parade of the Eastern Japan Ministers and Program Partakers together with our Honored Guest, the South East Asia –Australia/New Zealand Overseer, Global Evangelist, and Presbyter Let Ferriol.

Sis Verlyn Zata, a minister from Abiko Locale Church served as the Master of Ceremonies, and leading the attendees into joyful adoration and praises unto the Lord was the Tokyo Praise and Worship Team.

One of the members of the Japan District Committee, Saitama Locale Head Minister, Ptr Victor Fuerte, entrusted the program unto the Lord through the Opening Prayer. Thereafter, a song of praise proclaiming God’s faithfulness was rendered by Bro Vincent Miclat from Kawasaki Locale.

Afterwards, Presbyter Maya Cruz warmly welcomed the congregation and the visitors in her heartwarming Welcome Remarks.

Another rendition of the song “I will Go” from Gunma Locale Choir ushered the attendees into the liberal giving spirit as the Tokyo Locale Head Minister, and Judea Area Elders’ Department Adviser Ptr. Jojo Cruz , deliberately compelled each and every one in his Offertory Message.

Subsequently, the Audio Visual Presentation showcasing the church’s establishments, programs and ministries on Evangelism acquainted the congregation on God’s miraculous work in His End time church; then, the Tokyo Locale choir offered a soulful song of praise to glorify the name of the Lord.

Meanwhile, after the introduction of the Keynote speaker by Japan District Coordinator Pbr. Maya Cruz, the message of God was once again powerfully ministered by the MBS General OIC, Presbyter Let Ferriol. She elaborately explained God’s pattern whenever He delivers His people. She gave as examples the events in the days of Noah, Moses and Christ. She also unraveled the truth on how blessed and privileged we are in having the Goodman of the House lead us in carrying out God’s mission with urgency.

Shortly after that, a Cake Blowing Ceremony and Video Greeting by the ministers and brethren for our Beloved Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, the birthday celebrant took place.

Pbr. Maya Cruz was later surprised when the Japan District Committee Members, Ptr. Ruth Rosas, Ptr. Jojo Cruz, Ptr. Victor Fuerte and Ptr. Celso Rosas, in coordination with the Eastern Japan Ministers and Elders Department, acknowledged her as one of the Newly Ordained Church Presbyters. Simple tokens of appreciation were presented to her, and she was later prayed over by our beloved Pbr. Let Ferriol.

With joyful hearts and much gratitude, the empowered brethren went home filled with renewed commitment to work in unity with the Goodman of the House as he lead us in fulfilling God’s mandate with urgency. To God be the glory!

Writer: MRBCalalo