A commemoration of God’s goodness and marvelous works was held at Japan’s home of best onsens (hot springs), located at the center of Japanese Islands, Gunma Prefecture.

From the  humble beginnings of the End-time Church in Gunma, the wonders and miraculous works of God overflew. Starting from a handful number of believers, Gunma Locale recently celebrated 8 remarkable years of God’s relentless provisions and glorious works on July 28,2019 at Gunma Kaikan Hall, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture.

Over a hundred attendees gathered to witness God’s glorious grace and took part in this eventful celebration. Sis. Angelina Bargamento initiated the Sunday School by resonating Praises of Adoration unto the Lord, followed by the Opening Prayer led by Sis Laila Koyama. Meanwhile, Ptr. Ruth Rosas, Gunma Locale Minister powerfully delivered the Words of God. Guided by the theme, “The Purpose of Thanksgiving” taken from 2 Chronicles 29:31, she effectively encouraged the brethren to always be grateful to the Lord regardless of the circumstances. She said, “Mabuti ang Dios. Maraming dahilan bakit tayo nagpapasalamat sa Kanya. Hindi lamang sa panahong maganda ang ating sitwasyon kundi kahit sa mga panahong hindi natin gusto ang mga pangyayari – laging may mabuting dahilan para magpasalamat sa Dios”.

Thereafter, the Divine Worship commenced as Sis Nathalia Hoshino, the Master of Ceremonies, introduced Sis. Angelina Bargamento to lead the congregation in joyful adoration through  Praise and Worship. It was then followed by a fervent Opening Prayer led by Sis Elizabeth Kagimura and the Reading of the Scriptures by Bro. Motoki Kuramae.  Ptr Ruth Rosas then warmly acknowledged the brethren, visitors and distinguished guests. Afterwards, Bro Angelo Arceta, rendered a Song of Praise to glorify the name of the Lord.

The Message of Blessings was administered by Ptr Celso Rosas, Gunma Locale Minister. He reminded everyone to demonstrate our heartfelt gratitude to God for His unending goodness and wondrous works. He also reiterated that the only way to express our gratitude to the Lord is through our Thanksgiving.

The congregation was even more blessed when the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, congratulated the brethren and imparted his words of inspiration through a special Video Greeting. Another rendition was offered to exalt the name of the Lord by the Gunma Church Leaders.

Ptr Celso Rosas, then introduced the keynote speaker, Ptr. Filart Barrera, Nagoya Locale Minister. In his message, taken from 2 Corinthians 12:57,  he expounded on the truth that Christ is the sole source of the victory we all long for. Hence, having Christ in our lives is a significant privilege given only to His elected people. The Words of God conveyed by Ptr. Filart Barrera strengthened the brethren’s conviction to persevere even more and seek God’s divine approval in every aspect of our lives.

Ptr. Ruth Rosas then led the congregation in the offering of Thanksgiving capped with the Prayer of Dedication. In the Altar Call, the moving power of the Words of God imparted by Ptr. Filart Barrera was evidenced in the visitors’ acceptance of our Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The Gospel Concert that followed showcased numerous God-given talents of selected brethren.

Eight years have passed since Gunma Locale was established. It meant 8 years of trials, challenges and endurance of sufferings as well as 8 years of God’s marvelous provisions and glorious works. Indeed, this momentous celebration is another testament of the victory that the Lord promised to His people. To God be all the glory!!

Writer: Sis. Mariviv Calalo