God’s grace was truly outpouring in the celebration of Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ ( 4th Watch ) Hamura Locale’s 29th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service held last July 26,2020 at 205-0011 Tokyo To Hamura Shi Gonokami 4-6-9 Toyo Building 2nd Floor. The event’s theme was “ Offering God Our Sacrifice of Thanksgiving at all Times” from 1 Thess 5:18.

Praises overflowed as Sis Juvy Tamura led the Praise and Worship in the beginning of Sunday School. The Opening Prayer and Message was powerfully ministered  by Ptr. Jeff Fulo, Hamura Local Head Minister.


With selected brethren, Sis. Grace Naguchi led the glorious praise and worship singing in the start of Divine Worship.   Sis. Juvy Tamura, Master of Ceremonies, guided the congregation into the whole program. As the momentous event officially commenced, it was opened up with prayer by Sis Sally Endo. The reading of  the Holy Scriptures was led by Bro. Rey Estrella.


The visitors and brethren were warmly welcomed and acknowledged by Ptr. Jeff Fulo, followed by the announcement of upcoming events by Sis Belinda Maningas. Songs of praise were later performed by Jerusalem and Bethlehem Kawan. The brethren were moved to give generously for God’s work through the message of blessings delivered by Ptr Lhara Fulo, Hamura Locale Minister. Afterwards, Shiloh, Macedonia and Gethsemane Kawan rendered songs and praises to God in preparation for the message.


In his message, Ptr. Jeff accentuated that our victory is in our Lord Jesus Christ. He reminded the congregation that the goodness of God remains even in times of pandemic. He also stressed  the following reasons of our victory : first, through the Word of God that assures us of our salvation;  second, through living in faith;  and lastly,  through giving. Truly the Word of God once again strengthened and renewed the faith of every brethren and inspired the guests and visitors as well to live a life victoriously in Christ.


After the sumptuous buffet,  the celebration continued on through a Gospel Concert. It began with Praise and Worship led by Sis Grace Naguchi. Sis Margie Ardan led the Opening Prayer. Hamura Youth and Cadets displayed their God-given talents together with selected brethren from Hamura. And the Word of the God was once again delivered by Ptr Jeff Fulo. The successful event ended with joy and thanksgiving in the hearts of the participants. To God be the Glory!