“Sa kaliitan ng ating magagawa para sa Kanyang gawain, doon ipapakita ng Dios ang kalakihan ng Kanyang magagawa upang punan ang ating mga kakulangan”  – Presbyter Sam Ferriol.

Brethren coming from Eastern and Western parts of Japan gathered in the PMCC 4th Watch Tokyo Locale Building last February 27-28, 2020 for the 3rd Japan District Media Summit. The gathering was guided by the theme, “I am a Media Missionary”, taken from Acts 13:47-49.

The Japan District Media Team launched its first-ever 2-day Media Summit with the ultimate purpose of providing the district’s media missionaries with spiritual zeal and dedication in partnering with the Goodman of the House to efficiently spread the End-Time Message through various mass media platforms.

On the first day, the Welcome and Dedication Service was jump-started by Sis Mariviv Calalo, the Master of Ceremonies. Ptr. Ruth Rosas, the Japan District Media Team Head, warmly greeted the special guests and each participant in her Welcome Remarks. Henceforth, the International Media Coordinator, Presbyter Sam Ferriol, delivered a challenging yet inspiring message urging each participant to obey God and be aligned in His purpose. He reiterated that the ministry entrusted to us comes with a great responsibility. He then encouraged the delegates to always remember that we are mere tools and instruments of God to do a significant purpose. That is to edify the saints and to spread the 4th Watch message, the knowledge of God through His gospel. He also admonished everyone to be humble and acknowledge that we can only achieve success if we are equipped with a humble and obedient spirit. Subsequently, Ptr. Victor Fuerte led the Dedication and Closing Prayer, entrusting unto God their renewed dedication and strengthened commitment in spreading the gospel to evangelize the lost and edify the saints.

The afternoon was full of fun and productive workshops. Presbyter Sam Ferriol discussed the workflow of Church Events and shared some Photography basics and tips for Videography. Thereafter, Ptr. Charisse Kaye Ong, the Managing Editor of The Word Magazine, conducted a News Writing Seminar. She gave several helpful tips in writing interesting and informative news articles. A short Videography workshop then followed, wherein each delegates were challenged to come up with a short video clip focused on being an End-Time Media Missionary. Shortly after that, Ptr. Charisse Ong and Bro. Melbourne Corneja, led the Plenary Session on Social Media Etiquette. They highlighted and encouraged everyone to be more cautious and spiritually sensitive as we use the Social Media.   After dinner, Ptr. Ruth Rosas, presided the meeting for the year-long Action plan and assignments.


As with all church gatherings  the day started with a prayer. Ptr. Charisse Ong, administered the Words of God in the Morning Devotion. Thereafter, Presbyter Sam Ferriol led the Videography workshop. He encouraged the District’s Media Team to be bold and to step up for another significant challenge. He also discussed different ways to reach more Japanese demographics through Social Media. Another fun-filled workshop took place after that. Bro. Melbourne Corneja tackled about Script and Feature Writing. He shared his knowledge and expertise in making variety of scripts for audio visual presentations and advertisements.

The delegates went home with intensified spirits and renewed dedication to perform their God-given gifts as faithful stewards of His eternal grace.

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