Japan District holds 4th Leaders Conference

Over a hundred Elders, Flock leaders, Officers, and Ministry Leaders of the Japan District fruitfully held their 4th Leaders Conference last March 20-21, 2019 at the National Akagi Youth Friendship Center in Maebashi Gunma, Japan.

The 2- day conference focused on the topic, “God’s Approved Leaders in the End time” from 2 Timothy 2:15. On the first day, the event began with an uplifting Opening Number from the Gunma brethren. The Master of Ceremony, Sis. Michelle Javier enthusiastically welcomed the congregation followed by a glorious Praise and Worship led by Sis. Japhet Rull.  Stirring the delegates’ hearts with joy in the Ministry of Giving, Ptr. Celso Rosas gave the message of blessing while Japan’s District Coordinator, Ptr. Maya Cruz Japan delivered the divine Word of God. Ptr. Maya emphasized that the leaders in God’s vineyard should seek to present themselves  worthy of God’s calling and the ministry He has entrusted to them.

Later on, Ptr. Ruth Rosas conducted the first seminar focused on the topic, “How to Become  an Approved Leader of God” and gave emphasis  on the importance of being a servant leader. The second seminar was delivered by Ptr Jojo Cruz with the topic, “The Characteristic of  an Approved Leader of God.” After a sumptuous dinner, the Divine Worship started with a joyous Praise and Worship led by Sis Archie Subido followed by the Opening Prayer led by Sis. Liza Nishimori. Heartfelt Songs of Praise were rendered by the beautiful voices of Kawasaki, Shizuoka and Nagoya brethren. In the Offertory Message,  Ptr. Phil Sison encouraged the brethren to have a right attitude in giving. Meanwhile, in the most important part of the service, Ptr. Nimfa Barerra powerfully delivered the message on becoming approved leaders of God.

On the second day Ptr. Filart Barerra spoke the message of truth about the significant role of prayer to be approved leaders of God in the End time. The hall was then filled with prayers not only for personal petitions but for the Church as a whole.

Blessings overflowed in the Dedication Service as the people of God jointly offered songs of praises and altogether received empowerment through the anointed words of God by His sent ones. A crystal clear exhortation on the Ministry of Giving was imparted by Ptr. Donald Abanto and a spirit filled message of God was shared by Ptr. Maya Cruz. Each delegate was empowered by the truth that as a part of the true Church in the End-Time, we can be approved workers of God through the ministry of the Goodman of the House.

The event concluded with the awarding of brethren with exemplary dedication as follows: Kingdom Builders Award, Soul Winners Award, Macedonian Award and Best Caroling Leader Award. At the end of the ceremony, Ptr Victor Fuerte challenged and stirred the hearts of the delegates to be approved leaders of  God in the End time. The delegates returned to their local churches with full anticipation to be mightily used by God in the end of the last days.

By: Sis Jobelle Alina