Japan District Celebrates Pastor Let’s 75th Birthday

Presbyter and Global Evangelist, Pastor Leticia Ferriol once again graced Japan’s joint fellowship held in Tokyo last March 4, 2018. Commemorating her 75th birthday and contribution to the Church’s global mission, the ministers and brethren of Japan District prepared a surprise birthday celebration to pay tribute to the woman who has dedicated her life to the ministry and the Mission.

In dim lights, Pastor Let Ferriol entered the hall in awe as the Japan Ministers serenaded her with the song “Thanks to You” while showcasing her missionary journey in Japan through a video presentation. Bro. Jeff Fulo and Sis. Jazzie Okubo rendered an invocation song then Pastor Nimfa Barreira of Nagoya Locale led the opening prayer. Japan Coordinator and Tokyo Head Pastor Maya Cruz officially welcomed the attendees followed by a Song of Praise from the Tokyo Locale brethren. Pastor Rowena Fuerte of Saitama Locale and Pastor Jojo Cruz of Hamura Locale shared live testimonies of how Pastor Let has been instrumental in their ministry. The Japan Male Ministers then lifted the name of the Lord through a special number. In her introduction of the guest speaker, Pastor Maya Cruz highlighted Pastor Let’s love for God and dedication to the ministry.

In her message, Pastor Let expressed her gratitude to the Japan brethren for the unexpected surprise. She also stressed the importance and culture of fellowship which had existed since the time of the early Christian churches. She reminded everyone to hold on to the Apostle’s teachings and be obedient to the doctrine they have received.

The ministers and members of the different locales conveyed their birthday greetings and offered their presents, songs, and poems to our beloved Global Evangelist. As the congregation shared a sumptuous dinner, a video presentation was shown featuring the beginning of the global mission and the stories shared by the children of Pastor Let Ferriol.

A woman of devotion, strength, and compassion, Pastor Let Ferriol has been God’s instrument and driving force to the birth and growth of the global mission. Sacrificing being away from her family to pioneer the mission in the US, she continues to be an inspiration to the members of the church worldwide.

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