Japan District Commemorates the International Missionary Day

The PMCC 4th Watch Japan District held its International Missionary Day on January 20th simultaneously at the Tokyo Locale Church in Koto-ku, Tokyo and at Nagoya Locale Church in Aichi Ken. Brethren from Eastern and Western Area local churches gathered to celebrate their calling through the Gospel preached by the Apostle in the End-Time, the Goodman of the House, Arsenio T. Ferriol. This year’s theme was taken from Romans 1:5-6 entitled, “The Election of the Apostle is the Election of the Church.”

In the Eastern Area, Ptr. Ruth Rosas, the Master of Ceremonies, gladly commenced the program while Sis. Jazzie Okubo energetically led the Praise and Worship. The House of God was filled with voices of adoration and delighted hearts full of thanksgiving. Ptr. Jojo Cruz and Ptr. Vic Fuerte then led the Opening Prayer and Scripture Reading, respectively. Japan Coordinator, Ptr. Maya Cruz officially welcomed the brethren and guests to the joyous occasion. A beautiful Song of Praise was rendered unto the Lord by the members of Saitama Locale. Right after the Announcements, a lively rendition of the song, “Every Praise” by Kawasaki Locale lifted the name of the Lord.

Dr. Uzziel Ferriol Caponpon delivered a heartfelt Offertory Message reminding the brethren to be faithful in obeying God’s command in the Ministry of Giving. She also shared the importance of giving as an expression of our love for the Lord.  She said, “Tithing measures our faithfulness and giving our offering measures our love.” Thereafter, another Song of Praise from the brethren of Tokyo Locale glorified the name of the Lord.  A video presentation of Testimonies was shown to establish the election of the Apostle as the true sent one of God. A handful of brethren shared their experience of miraculous healing and answered prayer requests through the powerful prayer of the Apostle.

Ptr. Maya Cruz warmly introduced the keynote Speaker of the event, Ptr. Ning Ferriol. In her message, Ptr. Ning dwelled on the relationship of the election of the Apostle to the election of the Church. She uttered. “Ang pagkatawag sa Sugo ay pagkatawag sa atin. Kung wala ang Sugo, walang kabuluhan ang ating pananampalataya.” God called us through the preaching of the Gospel by His sent one. As God’s chosen people we ought to remain in the doctrine and teachings we have received from the Apostle in the End-Time. She further encouraged the brethren to always find joy in serving the Lord. She said, “’Pag nakita mo ang pag-ibig ng Dios, walang mahirap. ‘Pag ang tao ang ginagawa niya ay gusto niya, walang mahirap.” Serving the Lord will not be difficult as long as we have that joy in our hearts.

Meanwhile, in the Western Area, Ptr. Sheila Valencia, the Master of Ceremonies and Song Leader led the brethren in their joyful Praise and Worship. Bro. Fher Valencia led the Opening Prayer while Ptr. Phil Sison led the congregation in the Reading of the Holy Scriptures. Shizuoka Local Choir sang “This is Amazing Grace” before  Ptr. Nimfa Barrera warmly welcomed the delegates in her Welcome Remarks. Later on, Ptr. Susan Sison gave the Announcements.

Preparing the hearts and spirits of the brethren were special Songs of Praise entitled “Tumawag Ka” by the Osaka Duet, who sang before the Offertory, and “Adonai” rendered by the Nagoya Quartet before the Message.

Japan District Sub-Coordinator, Ptr. Nimfa Barrera introduced the Keynote Speaker of the event – our Beloved Bishop Domingo “Dodoy” Ferriol, who both served as the Offertory Speaker and Main Event Speaker.

In Bishop Dodoy`s Offertory Message, he stressed that we should learn to give the best for the Lord. He mentioned, “ Sa pagbibigay, dapat  mas malaki ang sa Dios”. And in his Message, Bishop Dodoy encouraged the brethren to serve the Lord with fervent zeal. He stirred the hearts of the brethren with his  words, “Magsigasig tayo ! Magpakatapat tayo! Ingatan nating matibay ang ating pananampalataya. Huwag tayong laging magdahilan na kulang tayo – humingi ng biyaya sa Dios! Alalahanin nating kapag inasikaso natin ang gawain ng Dios, aasikasuhin tayo ng Dios!”

The brethren once again renewed their dedication to serve the Lord with gladness and gratitude for the election of the Apostle and the Church. The Eastern Area event was subsequently followed by a surprise birthday celebration for Ptr. Ning Ferriol. Everyone went home with a peaceful heart and rejuvenized spirit to continue steadfastly in serving the Lord until Christ’s return.



Writer: Sis Berns Maeda

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