The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Japan District Young Watchers were truly blessed and empowered in the marvelous conclusion of their 6th Youth Conference held in Gunma last August 14-16, 2018, Japan. With the theme “End-Time Generation Dedicated to the Mission” taken from 2 Timothy 4:2, the three-day conference was participated in by 82 young watchers from different locale churches in theEastern and Western part of Japan.

Day 1

Lifting the spirit of the delegates, the Welcome Service started with a glorious Praise and Worship led by Sis. Carmela Lumabas from Osaka locale. Pastor Ruth Rosas of Gunma Locale warmly greeted the delegates in her Welcome Remarks. Right after, brethren from Saitama Locale offered a dance presentation. The Message of Giving was administered by Sis. Jazzie Okubo and it was followed by a Song of Praise from the Shizuoka Locale brethren.

The message of God was powerfully ministered by Pastor Nimfa Barrera, Sub-Coordinator of Japan District and the Head Pastor of Nagoya Locale. She stressed on the “Youth’s End-Time Mission” that encouraged the millennials to use their knowledge in spreading the Gospel. She also pointed out that the youth in the church are far more blessed because God has given them the opportunity to serve Him in this generation. To be able to succeed in preaching the Word of God, she mentioned that we should know how to reprove and correct our mistakes as well as to encourage others to serve the Lord.

After the sumptuous lunch, Pastor Jim Colico, the OIC of the Redeem Department’s Web and Graphics Design Team administered the Workshop centered on Media Ministry. He emphasized the different ways we can contribute to spreading the Word of God through Media. He also stressed that we should not be afraid nor be discouraged even if we lack knowledge because God qualifies the people He called.

The Workshop was succeeded by a Seminar ministered by Pastor Maya Cruz, Japan District Coordinator and Head Minister of Tokyo Locale. In her message, she inspired the youth to dedicate themselves to finish the mission of God that has entrusted to us.

After dinner, the Divine Worship started with a joyous Praise and Worship led by Sis. Erika Miyoshi that ignited the spirits of the crowd. Subsequently, the Opening Prayer was led by Bro. Daichi Mori and the Announcements were delivered by Sis. Miyuki Tokita. In their Testimonies, Sis. Carisa Bajade and Bro. Rob Granado declared the astonishing works of God in their lives. Afterward, a Song of Adoration was lifted unto the Lord by the brethren from Osaka locale. The Offertory Message was administered by Sis. Cherry Antonio, a Bible Student from Kawasaki Locale. Then, another Song of Praise was offered by the brethren from Nagoya locale.

Guest Speaker, Ssis. Arlet Joy Ferriol-Guerrero, one of the pillars of the Church’s Music Ministry and an Associate Minister in the Locale Church of San Diego, California, ministered the Message of God. She focused on having a pure and enlightened heart taken from Ephesians 1:18. She further expressed that in order to see what God sees, we should open the eyes of our heart. She also shared that an enlightened heart beats for the mission. For us to serve God is not based on our ability, but rather on our availability.

Day 2

Early morning, the young watchers were not hindered by tiredness and lack of sleep as they unite again for the Ministry of Prayer. Pastor Ruth Rosas, shared the Words of God with the topic, “How to become a Dedicated End-Time Youth?” and gave the “3Ms how to achieve it”: namely, “Magsipag” (1 Timothy 4:15) , “Mag-ingat sa sarili” (1 Timothy 4:16) and “Magsipanalangin” (Matthew 26:41 ).

The Seminar and Workshop were administered by Pastor Jim Colico, once again emphasizing on Social Media and properly utilizing it as a responsible youth in the church. He also highlighted the “Principles and Rules of Social Media” as well as its “Restrictions”. Later, on a short Symposium,  the young watchers were given the chance to ask any questions about Media.

This year’s conference would not be complete without the All-Out Evangelism by the young watchers. As a modern way of evangelism, selected youth successfully performed a Flash Mob at Takasaki Station and everyone enthusiastically shared the Words of God through Personal Evangelism.

In the evening of Dedication Night, Associate in Theology (AIT) and Maranatha Bible School (MBS) students were recognized as they marched in the Processional with the Japan MBS Faculty, Japan Committee, and Program Partakers. Master of Ceremonies and Song Leader, Sis Noime Santos from Gifu Locale led the crowd in the Praise and Worship. The Opening Prayer was led by Sis. Rose Ann Amante from Tokyo Locale. Sis. Tina Ravelas in her Testimony revealed the marvelous works of God in her life and shared how God faithfully answered her prayers. Thereafter, a Song of Praise was offered unto the Lord by the young watchers from Tokyo Locale. Sis. Jasmin Nakayama delivered the Words of God in the Message of Giving followed by another Song of Adoration by the AIT and MBS Students.

Pastor Jim Colico’s powerful and inspiring message was derived from Acts 5:19-20. He emphasized that we should “Go, Stand and Speak” the Words of God and dedicate ourselves to the mission. The youth in the end-time church should be responsible and must make a stand in proclaiming the Words of God in this generation. We should also not be afraid for the Lord we are serving is not unjust not to see our good works for His Church.

Day 3

On the last day, more of God`s energizing and empowering Words were expounded. The Message of God in the early morning Devotion was delivered by Ptr. Celso Rosas of Gunma Locale. He shared that through prayer God can use us in spreading the Gospel in the end -time. He also motivated the youth to allow themselves to be used in God’s Mission and be committed to the works of the End-Time Church.

Ptr. Victor Fuerte wrapped-up the 3-Day-Youth Conference with a short exhortation on the “Importance of Young People’s Role in the End-Time Church.” He reminded the delegates to use their talents for God’s work and continue to strengthen their faith and dedication for the mission. Thereafter, Ptr Rowena Fuerte, the Youth Department Adviser, together with the Japan District Committee led the awarding of the Model Youth.

The Fellowship Hour was done outdoor through an action by the river or “Kawa” to further strengthen the comradeship and solidarity of each youth as part of the church family.

We give all the praises and honor to our good Lord for another year of successful Youth Conference in Japan.

Writer: Sis Jobelle Alina

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