Japan District’s Youth Unite to Amplify the Mission

Tokyo , the capital of Japan, recognized as the world’s largest city and home of the world’s tallest tower (Tokyo Sky Tree ), was the venue of the Japan District’s 7th Youth Conference. The youth of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) gathered at the PMCC Building in Kitasuna Koto ku, Tokyo last August 13-15, 2019.

“Amplify the Mission”, derived from Acts 1:8, was the theme that gave motivation and challenge to the eager young delegates as they embarked on a fun-filled and eventful gathering. The greatly awaited 3-day event was participated in by 72 young watchers from locale churches in different prefectures of Eastern and Western Japan.

Day 1

The first day officially started with the Orientation headed by Sis Jobelle Alina, a Minister from Tokyo Locale, to set the delegates’ expectations about the activities for the 3-day gathering. After a delectable lunch and a brief siesta, the Seminars focused on how to “Amplify the Mission” were zealously ministered by Ptr Jojo Cruz, of Hamura Locale and Ptr Ruth Rosas of Gunma Locale.

The Welcome Night started with a special Opening Number from selected youth. The hosts Sis Mika Nabana (Saitama) and Bro Motoki Kuramae (Gunma) commenced the service as they called in Sis Jazzie Okubo, Minister from Tokyo, to lead the delegates in an enthusiastic Praise and Worship. Sis Miyuki Barrera (Nagoya) led the Opening Prayer. Thereafter, young watchers from Nagoya Locale rendered a Song of Praise unto the Lord. The Meditation of the Words of God was ardently delivered by Ptr Nimfa Barrera, Japan District Sub-Coordinator and Nagoya Locale Head Minister.

Day 2

Right after the Morning Devotion, the first-ever Ministry Fair in Japan District was held, wherein the ministers and other skilled brethren who specialize in various ministries shared their expertise. The delegates were able to freely choose the ministry they want to participate and specialize in. There were Music and Theatrical Ministry with Sis Archie Subido, Media and Medical Ministries with Ptr Ruth Rosas, Cadets’ Ministry with Ptr Rowena Fuerte and Sis Noime Labistre, and the VFCM, Pre MBS, MBS with Japan District MBS Extension Faculty Members. The delegates were taught the basics and know-how of these respective ministries.

In the afternoon, as a contemporary way of evangelism, the youth went to Kinshicho Station to perform an All-out Evangelism and Flash Mob headed by Sis. Miracle Ferriol, our special guest from the United States. Everyone passionately shared God’s message of salvation through Personal Evangelism and actively participated in giving out tracts to passersby and the audience. After a fruitful afternoon of sharing the Words of God, the delegates went back to the site to get ready for the Dedication Night.

Sis Carmela Lumabas, a Bible Student from Osaka Locale, the Master of Ceremonies and Song leader, led the delegates into a jubilant adoration in the Praise and Worship. Bro Dale Binaliso of Nagoya led the Opening Prayer. Afterward, a Song of Praise was lifted unto the Lord by the delegates from Osaka Locale. The Offertory Message was administered by Ptr Celso Rosas, the Head Minister of Gunma Locale. Testimonies from Sis. Miyo Katsurauma, youth from Nagoya, and Sis EJ Figuero, guest from the United States, subsequently followed. They shared the incredible works of God in their lives and proclaimed how His provisions abounded since the time they decided to dedicate their lives fully to the mission. Another Song of Adoration was rendered by the young watchers from Tokyo Locale. Ptr Maya Cruz, Japan District Coordinator, and Tokyo Locale Head Minister, dynamically delivered the Message of God. She motivated and encouraged each delegate to commit their talents, capabilities, and strengths to the ministries they have given themselves into. She inspiringly compelled these young people to always aim to thrive in anything they do to glorify the name of the Lord.

Day 3

The last day started with a morning prayer. Gifu Locale Head Minister, Ptr Filart Barrera, delivered the Message of God.

The Fellowship Hour was held after a delicious breakfast. The delegates traveled to Odaiba, a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, to further strengthen the harmony and team spirit of each youth.

Each delegate went home with a big smile on their faces with memories kept in their hearts with a deep motivation to amplify the Mission for God’s glory.

Writer: M.Calalo