The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ ( 4th Watch ) Kawasaki Locale commemorated their 15th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service on August 30, 2020 at Tsurumi Eki Mae Hall in Yokohama City. With this year’s theme taken from 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “ In All Circumstances Giving our Utmost Gratitude to the Most High” , a handful of believers graced the momentous event. Braving the scorching heat and growing threat of the global pandemic, the brethren and guests rejoiced in celebrating God’s calling and election in the Kanagawa area.

During the Divine Worship, Elder Berns Maeda, the Master of Ceremonies, stirred the hearts of the brethren to graciously give thanks to the Lord for His marvelous work in the church for over 15 glorious years. Sis. Nina Ono and the Kawasaki Praise and Worship Team led the congregation in lifting the name of the Lord through songs and praises. Bro. Roger Lucero and Elder Vincent Miclat led the Opening Prayer and Scripture Reading, respectively. Kawasaki Locale Minister, Ptr. Jenny Balawang officially welcomed the brethren and guests to the joyous occasion. Thereafter, the Kawasaki Choir glorified the name of the Lord through a wonderful rendition of the song, “Raise a Hallelujah”. The Announcements were then delivered by Elder Berns Maeda followed by a soulful Song of Praise by Sis. Cielo Shinjo.


The Offertory Message was ministered by Ptr. Jenny Balawang. She urged the brethren to give sacrificial offerings unto the Lord like King David in 2 Samuel 24:24. She further shared about the blessedness of being alive and able to serve the Lord for there are a lot of unfortunate people battling different kinds of sicknesses amid the global pandemic crisis. Thereafter, the Kawasaki Choir rendered a delightful Song of Adoration entitled “Make His Praise Glorious” lifting up the name of the Lord. Later on, a special video presentation was shown, featuring the history of Kawasaki Locale through the testimonies of its previous pastors, Ptr. Celso Rosas (Gunma Locale), Ptr. Susan Sison (Osaka Locale) and Ptr. Celia Ferriol (Calgary Locale). One of the church flock leaders and pioneer members, Sis. Ruby Anna Sasaki, also testified about God’s mercy enabling her to serve the Lord with her family through the years.


Ptr. VenchBalawang of Kawasaki Locale delivered a powerful message on expressing gratitude to God for saving us and giving us the promise of eternal life. He uttered, “Kung ang mga tao sa sanlibutan ay naghahandog para sa tao, lalo tayo na mga umiibig sa Dios ay dapat magpahayag ng pasasalamat sa Panginoon.”He also shared that we should  thank God for the strength and comfort that He gives us everyday and the protection from evil things to come. Furthermore, as children of God, we could express our gratitude by worshiping Him in spirit and truth, praising God with all our heart, proclaiming His amazing works in our lives and giving our sacrifice offering.


Afterwards, the brethren gave their Thanksgiving Offering and once again dedicated themselves unto the Lord. Several guests also accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior during the Altar Call. The celebration ended with a Raffle Draw and a Closing Prayer.


Through the years, God has shown his remarkable power and might to His chosen people. The grace of the Lord abounds in His church and He remains true to His promises in all circumstances. The brethren went home with renewed spirit and steadfast dedication to serve the Lord until Christ’s return. To God be the glory!