Nagoya Locale celebrates 17 years of God’s Goodness

The brethren of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Nagoya Locale gathered at Higashi Betsuin Hall last August 12, 2018, to celebrate their 17th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service with the theme “Declaring 17th Year of God’s Goodness” taken from 1 Chronicles 16:24. Sister Arlet Joy Ferriol-Guerrero, the eldest daughter of Apostle Arsenio and Presbyter Leticia Ferriol, one of the pillars of the Church’s Music Ministry, and currently an Associate Minister in the Locale Church of San Diego, California, graced the joyous occasion as the Guest Speaker.

The Worship Service commenced with the Nagoya Youth dancing to the song “Thrive” by Casting Crowns, an expression of Nagoya Locale’s collective commitment to grow rich in the faith. After the youth’s dance presentation, Sister Noime Santos, Gifu Locale Minister and Master of Ceremonies, called on Sister Minami Nonomura to lead the Praise and Worship together with Nagoya Locale’s home-grown Band.

Sister Marywell Mori led the worshipers in prayer, followed by brother Chris Vargas who led the reading of the Holy Scriptures. Nagoya’s Head Minister Pastor Nimfa Barrera extended a warm welcome to the guests and brethren alike while Sister Noime delivered the Announcements regarding the upcoming church activities.

Pastor Filart Barrera, one of the Advisers of Japan District Elders Department and Nagoya Local Minister led the Child Dedication Ceremonies.Then,the brethren from Gifu Locale, Nagoya Locale’s offspring in the faith, blessed the congregation with their Song of Praise. Afterward, Pastor Jim Colico, also a Guest Speaker from the Philippines and the Head of the I.T. (Information Technology) Department of the Church, delivered the inspiring message on Giving.

Another Song of Praise was lifted unto God by the Nagoya Choir, preparing the hearts of the worshipers in receiving the message of God. Sister Joy Ferriol-Guerrero’s powerful and moving message centered on Principles of Thanksgiving: Worship, Holiness and Service, and Sacrificial Thanksgiving. She reminded the congregation that as people of God, we should follow the example of King David who gave his best offering unto God even when it cost him everything.

After the Worship Service, Nagoya Locale’s special day continued with the Talent Showcase of the Cadets and was then ended with a Raffle Draw.

The successful event was the fruit of the steadfast sacrifices and admirable unity of the Nagoya brethren. Their labor of love and God’s unchanging grace also paved the way for the visitors to receive the gift of salvation and for the sick to experience healing during the Altar Call. Indeed, the faithful in Nagoya cannot stress God’s goodness and mercy enough over the past 17 years of their service to Him. Resting in God’s promises, they were certain they will continue to experience His great works until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Writer: Sis. Kim Isabelle Dimaano

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