Nagoya Locale’s Victorious Celebration of 18th Anniversary Ensued

Eighteen years ago, God called His people and established His church in one of Japan’s most populous and industrial cities, Nagoya City. Over the years, Nagoya Locale has witnessed God’s provision to His holy people in the end-time. On August 11, 2019, God showered them with victory as they celebrated their 18th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service held at the E-Able Nagoya Hall in Naka Ward, Nagoya City.

Over two hundred brethren and guests attended the joyous occasion withstanding Japan’s scorching summer heat. In the Sunday School, Sis. Marywell Mori, a Church Elder, led the congregation in offering Songs of Praises unto the Lord before the Words of God were delivered by Ptr. Filart Barrera, Nagoya Locale Minister.

During the Worship, Sis. Ella Lumabas, the Master of Ceremonies, along with the Nagoya Band ushered the brethren to lift the name of the Lord through songs and praises. The brethren were in tears as Ptr. Susan Sison, Osaka Locale Minister, led the Opening Prayer. The Scripture Reading was then led by Bro. Chris Vargas, one of the Church Elders. Thereafter, Ptr. Nimfa Barrera, Nagoya Locale Minister, warmly welcomed everyone to the glorious event. A beautiful Song of Praise by the members of the Iida Extension lifted the name of the Lord followed by the Announcements conveyed by Sis. Noime Labistre. Another Song of Praise was rendered unto the Lord by the Gifu Locale brethren.

Subsequently, the Offertory Message was ministered by Ptr. Filart Barrera. He encouraged the brethren to be grateful and generous in supporting the work of the Lord in His Church in the End-Time. A Congratulatory Greeting from the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol inspired the brethren to be more steadfast in their faith and service unto God. The Nagoya Locale Choir then rendered a soulful song of adoration glorifying the name of the Lord.

Ptr. Nimfa Barrera introduced the Keynote Speaker of the celebration, Japan District Coordinator and Tokyo Locale Head Minister, Ptr. Maya Cruz. In her early years in Japan, Ptr. Maya shared her experience being one of the pioneer pastors of Nagoya Locale. As a testament of God’s goodness, the Church has significantly grown from its humble beginnings in 2001. In her message, Ptr. Maya emphasized that God deserves the best Thanksgiving and highest form of Worship. He is the foundation of everything good and as children of God we have the privilege to experience His goodness. She reminded the brethren and guests not to forget God’s goodness despite the trials and hardships that may come our way.“Ang kabutihan ng Diyos ay magpakailanman,”she uttered.

The congregation joyfully gave their Thanksgiving Offering while Bro. Daichi Mori and Sis. Arlet Miyuki Barrera sang “My Tribute.”During the Altar Call, several guests accepted Jesus as their Lord and 5 were baptized on the same day. Ptr. Maya Cruz also led the prayer for the sick before the Communion. Right after, a Raffle Draw was held.

God wants us to be victorious and we can only attain it through Christ Jesus. The glorious works of God continue as we wait and prepare for His second coming. To God be the glory!

Writer: Sis Berns Maeda