As the world succumbs to fear and anxiety, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ ( 4th Watch ) Tokyo Locale once again proved that God’s mighty hands are at work in His End-time Church through the success of its 21st Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving last July 19, 2020, held at their very own House of Worship in Koto-ku Kitasuna Tokyo, Japan. Guided by the theme, “In All Circumstances, Giving Our Utmost Gratitude to the Most High” taken from 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Tokyo brethren victoriously offered their thanksgiving unto God amidst the adversaries. With strict compliance to safety and health precautionary policies, the event was graced by 107 attendees – brethren and guests,  and reached over 100 people (unbelievers) through Facebook live.

The event started with a blast performance from the Youth Department. Glorious praises and adoration filled the sanctuary as the Tokyo Praise and Worship Team led the congregation with uplifting songs of praises unto God. Thereafter, Sis. Paulita Javier led everyone in a heartfelt and ardent Opening Prayer. Sis. Mariviv Calalo headed the event as the Master of Ceremonies.


Presbyter Maya Cruz, Japan District Coordinator, greeted everyone with beaming joy and gratitude in her Welcome Remarks. Afterwards, brethren from Sapphire, Jade and Moonstone Flock magnified the name Lord through an awesome performance of the song “Tribe”. Then, Sis. Jobelle Alina led everyone in reading the Holy Scriptures, followed by another marvelous performance by brethren from Topaz, Ruby and Diamond Flock.


In the message of giving, Presbyter Maya Cruz stressed how generous God is to those who support and faithfully give their offerings to the church. She also emphasized that the more we give, the more we will be blessed by God. Afterwards, a spoken poetry entitled “Gracefully Broken” and a spirit-filled song of praise were offered unto God by brethren from Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet and Pearl Flock.


Thereafter, a special Audio-Visual Presentation featuring  the local’s establishment 21 years ago up to the present was presented. It also showed that despite the global crisis that we are facing, God is continuously working and transforming lives through His Words by means of social media evangelism. Furthermore, one of the highlights was a testimony of Sis. Charina Kagawa, in which she exalted the name of the Lord in all the blessings that she had received. Though she had gone through a lot of hardships and difficulties, God made her victorious in fulfilling her thanksgiving vow. Indeed, God’s overflowing grace and blessings are evident in the lives of those who trust Him in all circumstances. Then, another astounding performance was rendered to extol name of the Lord by selected brethren.


As the event continued, the Message of God was powerfully ministered by Pastor Jojo Cruz, Tokyo Locale Head Minister. He greatly emphasized the goodness of God and the salvation that we have received should be reciprocated by our utmost thanksgiving amidst all circumstances. Moved by the words of God, several visitors accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior during the altar call. After the message, the brethren gave their thanksgiving offering with overflowing gratitude and happiness.


With another year added to the growing church of Tokyo, the journey of faith of the brethren continues. And this year’s anniversary was able to equip them with the strength and conviction to further give their totality to Christ. To God be all the glory!