Saitama Acknowledges God`s Goodness in their 18th Church Anniversary

Acknowledging 18 years of God’s goodness and abounding grace, Ptr. Victor and Ptr. Rowena Fuerte, together with Sis Karen Arellano led the Saitama locale brethren and guests in celebrating their  18th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving last July 16, 2017 at the Hatogaya Shimin Center, Saitama Japan.  The celebration focused on the theme “Gratitude for 18 years of God’s Goodness” which was derived from Psalm 136:1.



As the brethren gathered to worship and rejoice in God’s goodness, the ceremonies started with a Call to Worship led by Ptr Victor Fuerte.  Various empowered songs of praises encouraged the congregation to sing for God’s glory. Bro Kirk Cruz delivered the Offertory message which motivated the brethren to give liberally and relentlessly to support God’s mission



Multiple song renditions were performed by the Saitama brethren to lift up the name of the Lord. God moved powerfully through His Words administered by Ptr Ruth Lirio Rosas, Japan District Committee member and Guest Speaker. The meditation of God’s Word inspired the 143 attendees to appreciate the Lord’s unwavering mercy and goodness through  faithful and genuine service. God continued to manifest His presence and power as He moved the visitors to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior during the altar call. Soon after, Ptr Victor Fuerte led the Child Dedication and prayer for the sick.

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In light with this celebration, a Charity Concert was later held featuring various artists and brethren showcasing their God-given talents. Japan local artists from WCOPA ( World Championships of Performing Arts ) Philippines Team like Mr. Jazz Ramirez and Mr. Richard Martinez shared their singing prowess to magnify God, while selected Saitama brethren honored God through their songs and dances.






This occasion concluded with the Closing Prayer by Pastor Celso Rosas, Gunma Local Head Pastor, and with the heartfelt Closing Remarks of Ptr. Victor and Ptr. Rowena Fuerte.  With the blessings of God’s Word in this glorious event, the attendees were filled with gladness, empowered in their spirits, and were further motivated to continue their faithful service for the Lord. Glory to God!




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