Tokyo Locale Dedicates New House of Worship in 19th Church Anniversary

The name of the Lord was greatly exalted as the PMCC (4th Watch) Tokyo Locale celebrated their 19th Church Anniversary at their newly acquired House of Worship last September 23, 2018.  The Ministers from Eastern and Western Japan, together with the brethren from Tokyo and other Eastern Japan Local Churches were overjoyed to dedicate the new building unto God. This was another addition to the growing number of Houses of Worship owned by the Church here in Japan and all over the world. Excitement and gratitude to God’s goodness enveloped the place with the Goodman of the House Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol and Global Evangelist and Presbyter Pastor Leticia Ferriol in attendance.

In the sight of Japan Committee Members, Japan Ministers, brethren, passers-by, shop owners, and onlookers outside, the Apostle led the inauguration of the 284 square meter, five-storey building located past the entrance of the quite lovely and moderately busy Sunamachi Ginza Shōtengai (Japanese style shopping street) at Koto-ku, Kita Suna. Japan Ministers and Leaders lined in front of the building and praised the Lord for the new property. After the Ribbon  Cutting and Balloon Release Ceremonies, the Apostle and Pastor Let entered the House of  Worship welcomed by a festive rendition of the song “Rejoice” by Sis Arlet Joy Ferriol-Guerrero together with Christ’s End-time Messengers. Praising and looking on was a  jubilant crowd. Then, to formally conclude the Inauguration of the building, the Apostle and Pastor Let signed the Certificate of Dedication of the new House of Worship.

The Worship Service followed shortly. Sister Arlet Joy Ferriol-Guerrero, an Associate Minister in San Diego California, and one of the Pioneer Missionaries in Japan was the Master of Ceremonies. Sister Jazzie Okubo led the congregation, spanning the first and second floors of the new building, in praising God through songs. Afterward, Nagoya Minister, Pastor Nimfa Barrera uttered a tear-filled and heartfelt prayer, reminiscing how God flourished His work in Japan amidst all obstacles and hardships. Tokyo’s Head Pastor and Japan District Coordinator Pastor Maya Cruz then warmly welcomed all the guests followed by the Saitama Minister  Pastor Victor Fuerte’s reading of the Holy Scriptures. Songs of Praise were sung in between, first was an  Acapella number by  Sister Joy and Christ’s End-time Messengers and second was a Tagalog song sung by a Japanese brethren in Tokyo, Brother Kosuge Yasuhiro.

Pastor Let delivered a compelling Offertory Message, relating a story of the ¥10,000 bill which after being wasted pointlessly in gambling and vices, found joy and purpose in the hands of a believer who finally offered it to God’s Mission.  According to Pastor Let, believers, with their love of God exceeding their love of money, use the latter to advance the former.

Afterward, the Tokyo brethren glorified God through a Song of Praise.  Then, the congregation watched a short video featuring the renovation and preparation of the new Tokyo House of Worship. The Christ’s End-time Messengers and Sister Joy once again lifted their voices in praise, urging the worshipers to abandon all inhibitions and let the Holy Spirit lead them as they sang their hearts out unto God.

The much awaited and most important part of the service was the meditation of God’s Words brought by the Sent One of God himself. In his message, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol quoted Apostle Paul’s words in I Corinthians 9:2, that even though to some he is not an apostle but to the Church he surely is,  for it is the mark of his apostleship. He showed the thriving spiritual and temporal ministries of the PMCC (4th Watch) in the Philippines and abroad. He further preached the revelation God gave him about the “Times and Seasons “ as proofs of his calling as an Apostle of God. As is his duty and mandate, he reminded the brethren that the most important message of our time is the imminent coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and the need for the  Church to watch and implore others to prepare just as Noah’s household did before the flood came.

In the afternoon, the Christ’s End-time Messengers serenaded the brethren and guests in their Gospel Concert, captivating the listeners with the songs they sang straight from the heart. The adult and young people of Tokyo Locale also performed their respective dance numbers which also delighted the visitors and magnified the name of the Lord.

It was indeed a historic and memorable day for the local church of Tokyo. Being given a much greater blessing, specifically a larger and more beautiful House of Worship, the brethren know there is a lot more that is required of them. The Words of God conveyed through the Apostle and Pastor Let strengthened their conviction to be even more fruitful and persevering in their service to God. To Him be all the glory and honor!

Writer: Sis.Isabelle Dimaano

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