Triumphant Celebration of Osaka Locale’s 16 years of God’s Glorious Works

God’s grace was evidently outpouring in His End time Church. This was manifested in  Osaka Locale’s 16th Anniversary and Thanksgiving celebration held  last July 28,2019 at Naniwa Kumin Center  556-0023 Osaka Prefecture Osaka,Naniwa Ward, Inari, 2 Chome 4-3. The event’s theme was “ Victoriously Celebrating 16 years of God’s Glorious Work” from Deuteronomy 16:15.

Praises overflowed as Sis Rochell Tirazona led the Praise and Worship in the Sunday School. The Opening Prayer and Message were powerfully led by Ptr. Phil Sison, Osaka Head Minister.

Selected brethren of Osaka Locale commenced the Divine Worship with their Special Opening Number which moved the congregation to glorify and adore the Lord with their spirits.  Sis Rochell Tirazona, Master of Ceremonies, guided the congregation into the whole program while Sis. Carol Kawano led the joyful praise and worship songs. The Opening Prayer was tearfully led by Bro Mannie Zata, while the reading of the Holy Scripture was led by Sis Loanna Granado.

The visitors and brethren were warmly welcomed and acknowledged by Ptr Phil Sison, followed by the announcement of upcoming events by Sis Liza Nishimori. Thereafter, Songs of Praise were performed by selected Nagoya Brethren.

The brethren were certainly encouraged to give for God’s work through the Offertory Message ministered by Ptr Phil Sison. Afterwards,  Ptr. Nimfa Barerra exhorted on the importance of Child Dedication. She then prayed for the children of the brethren to be committed to God.

Later on, selected Osaka brethren rendered another song to exalt the name of the Lord.  Ptr Phil Sison then gave the Introductory Speech for the Keynote Speaker of the event, who was none other than Ptr. Nimfa Barerra, Japan District Sub- Coordinator and Nagoya Local Minister.

Ptr. Nimfa accentuated that our victory comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. She also reminded the congregation that Christ should be the source of our strength to endure life’s challenges. She also stressed that the reasons of our victory were the Words of God that assure us of our salvation, living in faith and generous thanksgiving. The meditation of the Words of God not only strengthened and renewed the faith of the brethren, but also inspired the guests and visitors equally, to live a life victoriously in Christ and receive Him as their Lord and Savior.

The celebration concluded in the afternoon with a Raffle Draw and Acknowledgement of Sponsors.

This successful celebration concluded with the delegates’ hearts full of joy and thanksgiving;  their spirits rejuvenated to serve the Lord faithfully; and their faith empowered to watch and prepare for His imminent return. To God be the Glory!!!

Writer: Sis. Jobelle Alina